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What are your hopes and dreams?

If they include  classically beautiful  American and European  transportation with tasty personallity then you're in the right place.   I'm not talking about something that can be had with fancy foreign language decals or glitter paint jobs. This is not the home of  status-seeking egotists wanting to impress their peers with a fancy new toy.  Might as well move on now if you're interested in Asian cookie-cutters or pedestrian vehicles, this site is dedicated to my vision of interesting rides -- be they cycles, aircraft, motorcars or watercraft.

ajMy name is J. K. Jackson and I am the princple engine behind Old World Transportation.  The following collection is my own idea of highly-desirable classic transportation.  

Contact me if you see something you like as not everything is for sale --- some old favorites couldn't be bought with a King's ransom.

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